Out for dinner with Gianni Gagliardo

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Last week we had the pleasure of dining not once but four fabulous times with the highly acclaimed and ever so charismatic Gianni Gagliardo, Barolo specialist, founder of the Accademia del Barolo & top Piedmont winemaker.

Bringing Barolos aplenty Gianni entertained guests with private dinners and large gatherings in some of Hong Kong’s best venues and members’ clubs,  culminating in a White Truffle degustation at the prestigious Domani Ristorante under the culinary expertise of Michelin star chef Pier Bussetti – simply sensational, a perfect marrying of flavours.

While we delighted in a full range of Gagliardo wines the most noted on the evening was the Preve Barolo Riserva DOCG 2006 which seemed to reinvent itself during the course of the evening. As Gagliardo noted it is a wine of patience which continually evolves in the glass.

For the full range of Gagliardo Wines available in Hong Kong

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While spending time with Gianni we asked him a few candid questions about wine, Italy and his love for Hong Kong…

Tell us what inspired you to become a winemaker. I fell in love with the daughter of a winemaker!

As a winemaker you travel a lot – what is your top tip for avoiding jetlag? Tiredness is a normal part of work travel, I just ignore it and keep going.

What is your favourite spot for a drink in Hong Kong? I like to enjoy a glass of Favorita on the terrace at Domani.

What do you look forward to when you are visiting Hong Kong? I love travelling and I love coming back to Hong Kong – if I lived anywhere other than Italy, I would choose Hong Kong for its energy & vibrance.

What do you miss most about Italy when you travel? It takes a week of travelling before I miss Italy but it has to be the food – as soon as I get back to my winery the Chef prepares my favourite Italian dishes.

What is the best thing about Italian wine? In front of a glass of wine, Italians socialise, relax and connect with each other – it creates an atmosphere of conviviality.

Explain the meaning behind the ‘falling mask’ in your logo. We say ‘in vino veritas’ – this means in wine we reveal our soul and beauty as our mask falls. “In wine, the truth”.


Gagliardo wines are of unique and exceptional quality, they are wines of elegance and complexity which evolve in the glass. Revered by serious oenophiles Gianni Gagliardo’s wines are a must experience for all true wine lovers.

Bring some home today.

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Stay tuned as Stefano, Gianni’s son, will be visiting Hong Kong in November.


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