Detox to Retox


Am I really about to write a piece on abstaining from wine? Absolutely!

It may seem unusual for a wine retailer to promote a little wine abstinence but there are some rather good reasons why from time to time we should take a break from wine. Or is it just me who’s had way too much fun this silly season that’s in need of a brief vino sabbatical?

Reason 1: Absence makes the heart grow fonder or in this case the taste buds more lively.

If you’ve ever worked your way through a few hundred wines during a blind wine tasting you’ll know what I’m talking about. As you might well imagine the wines tasted at the beginning of the line more often than not get better ratings than those at the tail end simply because the taste buds are just plain worn out. Overexposure dulls the senses; likewise abstaining from a particular taste heightens the senses when next consumed and in this case makes the wine more intense and utterly delicious.

Reason 2: Healthy decisions lead to healthy bodies & minds.

Red wine in moderate amounts can have numerous positive effects on the body such as reducing heart disease, releasing mineral supplements and antioxidants and aiding digestion. But we can’t ignore the fact that it can play havoc with our liver, cause loss of sleep, reduced clarity and dull our sex drive (sad but true). The good news is much of the damage caused by alcohol is completely reversible with nothing more than a little abstinence.

Reason 3: By far the best thing about a little Detox has to be the closely followed Retox! Everything in moderation of course.

So, if you’ve overindulged this festive season and need a little detox why not do it somewhere fabulous that still allows for a glass or two of fabulous wine? After all the perfect life is a balanced life.

Let me introduce you to an amazing retreat to get your liver back on track while frolicking through the vineyards…

WALKING, WEIGHTLOSS AND WINE TASTING HOLIDAY – Perhaps walking your way to health amongst the orchards and vineyards along Frances picturesque countryside is more to your liking. Join Dr Margaretha Montegu in Bordeaux where she’ll guide you throughNLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy and gentle exercise that will rejuvenate the whole body on both a conscious and unconscious level, helping you achieve healthy living with long term results. During your stay you’ll not only get to stay in one of France’s most famed wine regions in an impeccably restored 18th Century French Manor but your days will be filled with exciting tours to stimulate the mind as well as the body, including an afternoon sipping wine on a tutored wine tasting at the Saint Mont Winery. For more details Click Here.

Now after you’ve taken the time to wine’down, ease your way back into the wonders of wine the organic way with wines like GemtreeDomaine Aurelien Verdet and De Loach. You may not be doing your liver any favours next time you over indulge but at least this way Mother Earth will thank you. To learn more about Organic & Biodynamic wines read on…


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