Perfect Wine Pairing for Your CNY Feast

Preparing for group dining events, it’s important not to overlook a key element: the accompanying wines & other beverages. Typically celebrations throughout Chinese New Year revolve around food and especially local delicacies – here are our suggestions for matching wines to your feast!

Firstly, remember your audience. If your friends and family prefer lighter styles, stick to white or rosé wine. If you are a group of big wine lovers, choose bolder styles. There are some simple rules for matching wine to food:

1. If you are indulging in winter favourite hot pot this year, select a spicy, bolder red for the group. This Sons of Eden Zephyrus Shiraz Viognier 2011 is a perfect accompaniment to this type of meal and will stand up against the strong flavours.

2. Dim sum pairs wonderfully with a medium bodied white wine such as Bouchard Aine & Fils Reserve Chardonnay 2011. This wine is fairly neutral and well balanced and will pair well with the saltiness of the dipping sauces and the heaviness of the dumplings.

3. Going for Szechuan this Chinese New Year? Why not try Gemtree Uncut Shiraz 2011 to pair with the spicy flavours as an alternative to beer? If you love your beer, why not try Hahn Super Dry?

4. Finally if you are really stuck, rosé is a great wine for group dining, regardless of the food you are eating. Rosé achieves a balance between lighter styles and heavier reds; ideally not too tannic, not overly fruity or herbaceous, medium in body. Try AIX Rosé 2012 for the perfect pairing.

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Take a look at the great Cellarmaster Wines that you’ll be enjoying this Chinese New Year at the Ultimate Boozy Dim Sum Bash.

Dim Sum Wines


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