Is Bigger Better?

bottle-FB image-1

They may be showy and create a dining room spectacle that the ostentatious revel in but there’s valued reasoning why sommeliers and wine lovers clamber to get their hands on these cumbersome showpieces.

We’re not talking casks or kegs but the flamboyant large format wine bottles that come in varying sizes from the more commonly known 1.5 litre Magnum all the way up to the 30 litre Melchizedek.

Why these larger than life wine bottles are named after biblical figures, mainly ancient kings of Israel is unclear. Whether named as a tribute or pun, these names are tough to spell and nearly impossible to pronounce. But let’s break it down for you with our handy Wine Bottle Format Sizing Chart.


These extra large bottles may not equate to any great price saving and can be terribly impractical to carry and pour yet we insist that in this instance bigger is better.

For one, sommeliers and wine experts contend that the bigger the bottle the better the wine will age because the ratio of air to liquid is lower in larger formats, allowing the wine to age more slowly resulting in better maturation.

And secondly, who can go past the theatrics of pouring from one of these big boys? Your guests will be entertained and leave onlookers oohing and ahhing with envy. Plus it’s always fun testing the boundaries of a restaurant’s corkage fee when you do only bring one bottle to the table, albeit a Methuselah!

At Cellarmaster Wines we have a fine range of large format bottles to choose from and can help you select exactly the right one for that special occasion or generous gift; like the 1.5 litre magnum of Pommery Apanage NV – the perfect Chinese New Year Gift.

For our full range of large format wines, click HERE.






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