What’s Pauline Drinking?

staff-2“I don’t drink wine too often but when I do, I really enjoy Dry Creek Chenin Blanc, Gagliardo Villa M Moscato and Villa M Rosso. I also love Rekorderlig cider with lots of ice and lime and G’Vine Gin with tonic water!” ~ Pauline Cheung





Gianni Gagliardo Villa M Rosso 2012

The best choice of sparkling for a party, especially for the upcoming Australia Day celebration this weekend! It has a rosy pink colour with vibrant bubbles. Easy to drink, floral and fruity. Definitely a good choice for girls at a party!”

Aromatic scents that represent very well the fresh Brachetto grape in this sparkling dessert wine. Hints of red fruit, especially strawberry. It develops floral, rose, and sometimes slightly spicy notes. Fresh and fragrant flavour that balances the sweetness very well.





Larry Cherubino Ad Hoc Hen & Chicken Chardonnay 2013

“I have been longing for this product for a while. A creamy Chardonnay with fresh acidity and nice fruit flavours. It is the wine for you if you are an oaky Chardonnay lover!”

A pale, beautifully balanced Chardonnay with hints of vanilla on the nose and a winning cool climate acidity. Careful oak treatment has resulted in a wine with depth and balance.






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