Swedish Cider Rekorderlig taps into Asia

Johan Nylander from The Swedish Wire talks with Sasha Falloon about Asia’s love for the Swedish cider Rekorderlig.

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While Swedish ciders may be far too sweet for traditionalists, they are now among the best selling in the UK and Australia and are rapidly gaining attention across Asia.

Sweden’s two major cider rivals — Åbro Bryggeri AB with the brand Rekorderlig Cider and Kopparbergs Bryggeri AB — both offer a wide range of out-of-the-ordinary flavours, like strawberry-lime, apple-blackcurrant or apple-guava.

Cellarmaster Wines, one of Hong Kong’s leading online retailer of wines, beers, cider and spirits, is promoting Rekorderlig cider in the region.

How are sales of Rekorderlig going in Asia; and which are the main markets?
“Like every market Rekorderlig entered so far consumers have tasted it, loved it and bought it”, company spokesperson Sasha Falloon said.

“Singapore was the first official market to launch, followed by Hong Kong and Taiwan will launch in the New Year. Chilli marketing, the global marketing company behind the brand, is also looking at launching into other markets in Asia and South Korea is high on the list”, she said.

What is it about Swedish cider that the Asians like?
“Asia isn’t that different to other markets Rekorderlig has launched into, in that cider is growing as consumers are looking for an alternative beverage to what they are currently drinking. Rekorderlig is well placed to take advantage and drive that growth due to its innovative range of fruit flavours”, she explained.

How do you market the Swedish cider in Asia?
“The strategy is for Rekorderlig to be available where the target consumers like to be social, unwind and relax. We are trying to link the brand with events and other like minded brands, so consumers have an authentic Rekorderlig experience”.

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You can order your Rekorderlig Cider from Cellarmaster Wines – HERE

Current flavours available:

Rekorderlig Premium Strawberry & Lime Cider 
Rekorderlig Premium Wild Berries Cider
Rekorderlig Premium Pear Cider 
Rekorderlig Apple Cider 
Rekorderlig Winter Cider 
Rekorderlig Passionfruit Cider

CMW Logo

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