Russian Standard – Vodka as it should be.


The incredible. It’s not just an adjective. It’s an action, a process, an evolution that is…Russian Standard Vodka.

A vodka that is the result of a complex convergence of science and nature, craft and technology, history and revolution. Ultra-clean, smooth and delicious, a single moment of pure pleasure. This is vodka as it should be.

It’s been a while since our last blog post,  we’re glad to be back and excited to be writing about a product that is truly outstanding.

MADE IN ST. PETERSBURG: hometown of Professor Dimitri Meno – inventor of the periodic table and the standard for vodka making.

Made in St Petersburg not by chance but for very significant and geographical reasons, positioned close to Lake Ladoga, Russian Standard can pull from some of the purist glacial waters on the planet and is near to the rich black soil of the Russian Steppes, where the finest food quality winter wheat is grown. Both of these key elements come together in Russian Standards state-of-the art distillery where they pass through a proprietary distillation process more than 200 times to arrive at a state of near-celestial purity and smoothness.


Russian Standard is positioned high above other vodkas thanks to the producers’ relentless pursuit for perfection and their unwavering stance that vodka needs to pass through the all-important process of relaxation, where the liquid matures and the ingredients ‘marry’ each other for perfect balance and smoothness. A timely and costly process that lesser vodkas skip yet which makes Russian Standard the benchmark for vodka excellence in the homeland of vodka.


Every bottle of Russian Standard comes with a Certificate of Origin – a guarantee issued by the Russian government that their vodka is 100% Russian. This vodka is produced in Russia from Russian ingredients, bottled in Russia at their distillery in St. Petersburg and all according to the highest standards of vodka production.


Russian Standard is more than a name, it’s a promise to give vodka lovers around the world and now Hong Kong a new standard in vodka. No longer do you need to choose between a pure vodka or a vodka with good taste; now you can have both.

Discover and enjoy Russia’s #1 premium vodka at some of Hong Kong’s hottest bars and restaurants:

















Or you may keep up with its Hong Kong vodka domination by following Russian Standard on FACEBOOK.

Serving Suggestion:

Russian Standard’s hearty character is most appreciated on the rocks or sipped from a shot glass pure and neat, just as it is. For something extra special try mixing up a Russian Mule, Bloody Mary or Classic Martini – CLICK HERE for cocktail recipes.


neat (1)russianMule (1)bloodyMaryraspberryoskaclassicMartinitolstoyTang







In Russia, toasting with friends is central to the vodka experience. Next time you raise a glass of Russian Standard with friends toast “DAVAI!” [DA’VI] which means “Let’s Go!” and is a toast to great times ahead.


You can purchase Russian Standard Vodka at Cellarmaster Wines HERE








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