Boutinot ~ quality from the start.


Boutinot is a family of wine lovers, grape growers, winemakers and producers whose very core is… all about the wine.

Working with over 150 of the world’s finest award-winning wine producers, Boutinot, inspired by Paul Boutinot, is respected the world over for its commitment to quality and value.

At Cellarmaster Wines we bring you our favourite selections from three of the Boutinot houses; Les Cépages Oubliés also known as the “forgotten wines”, Boutinot the most value for money Côtes Du Rhône you’re likely to find and Cuvée Jean-Paul, wines that are perfectly sensational for summer.

Being that Hong Kong is smack bang in the middle of it’s summer season let me introduce you to the Cuvée Jean-Paul wines first.




Paul Boutinot has been making Cuvée Jean-Paul wines for over 25 years. Selected cuvées from the south and west of France are blended to produce wines with elegance and flavour. They have become some of the most popular house wines the world over.

Classic Rhone style: fun, approachable & fruit driven yet serious enough to accompany food. Let’s take a look at three wines from the Cuvée Jean Paul range that are set to match a Hong Kong summer perfectly.



Cuvée Jean-Paul Blanc de Blancs Sec 2013

You need to image quaffing this wine with friends on Tai Long Wan beach while sharing fish and chips and watching the sun go down, pure summertime magic. If you’re needing a white that’s rocking a slightly fuller body switch to the Cuvée Jean-Paul Blanc de Blancs Demi-Sec 2013.

Tasting Notes: A lovely aromatic nose with zesty citrus and hints of stone fruit and a palate with lots of white nectarine, citrus and creamy characters balanced with refreshing lemony acidity. An enjoyable, easy drinking dry white wine





cuvee_jean-paul_ros_w_Cuvée Jean-Paul Gascogne Rosé 2013 

What would summertime be without a refreshingly chilled Rosé? Perfect for taking along to your next barbeque as it’s a great all rounder that goes with just about anything; easy breezy.

Tasting Notes: Vivid pale strawberry pink with aromas of crushed red berries and appealing soft fruity flavours. Dry with plenty of fruit with some crunchy acidity on the finish. This is an easy drinking fresh rosé with real character.





cuvee_jean-paul_rouge_w_Cuvée Jean-Paul Vaucluse Rouge 2012

You may not initially think a red is a good fit for summertime sipping but this baby is! Picture a romantic evening sharing a platter of cheese while overlooking the Hong Kong harbour or sharing a slice of your favourite pizza made just for two. Give it a little chill before you serve and game set match.

Tasting Notes: Instant first impressions are of a classic Rhone red, friendly and warming, ample, sweet rich juicy blueberry fruit and bergamot hints adorned with that classic Rhone hallmark – spice of Grenache sprinkled with Syrah; lusciously textured plum and strawberry fruit rounds off the palate, making this a delicious, uncomplicated medium-bodied, soft, fruity and very drinkable red … yet serious enough to accompany food.




To learn more about these wines and others from the Boutinot range visit us HERE







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