Staff Picks

Find out what our staff are drinking – wine recommendations you can count on!

staff“Bonjour everyone, I spent 20 years growing up in Bordeaux & developed a passion for wine. I studied hospitality for five years during which I dedicated a full year to my Sommelier diploma. Since then I have worked in six different countries around the globe to share my passion for wine with others!”Nicolas Zozoula

Check out what Nicolas’ Drinking – CLICK HERE

Mina Cheung“Hi HK Lovers, this is Mina Cheung. So happy to see you this week! I have been working at Cellarmaster Wines more than two years now and tasted so many amazing wines. Life is too short to drink bad wine so follow my advice this week & try these great wines!” ~ Mina Cheung

Check out what Mina’s drinking – CLICK HERE 


Staff_2“Hi everyone! I’m a country girl from Mudgee, Australia. My family has a vineyard so I’ve always loved wine and the art of winemaking. I am glad to recommend my favourite wines to you all!” ~ Caroline Mills

Check out what Caroline’s drinking – CLICK HERE


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